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 If someone loves to meet and deal with new and fascinating people it is really a great reason to become a journalist, and perhaps it is the most interesting part of it also. The interview could be sometimes a little bit of a challenge as it is in this case where we are a Hungarian Magazine where most people interviews are Hungarian but in this case the gentleman that we are interviewing here is not a Hungarian. However, it is very likely that a lots of HUngarian, who living in New York, but not just the “big apple” area, they come from New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, across him in the pasy and many times became regular customers in the liquor store what he used to own for many years on Second Avenue in Manhattan where many Hungarian-Americans live until this day.

This is one of the reason why we are interviewing him now because he would like to renew his relations with his Hungarian clientele and he would also like to attract some new and perhaps young clientele who reads this also “young” and entertaining magazine.

Mr Kirit Kothari has come to us becuase he opened his new store named Viski Wines & Liquors, the location on 764 3rd ave/ Midtown bet 47th and 48th Street/ and wanted to rebuild some of his long time and acquire some new clientele, because, since he is now in a new location and most people lot of them Hungarians who used to shop in his old store on the Upper East Side on Second Ave do not really know where he is now.

He wants to be faithful to his Hungarian friends who perhaps read this article and recognize him. He invite everybody, in his new store, he said “the long time friend and new friends are welcome here.”

As many other Mr. Kothari came here to the land of opportunities as a young man from another country in his case Bombay India, full of hopes and enthusiasm to realize his dreams. At the beginning, his brothers and relatives who lived here already helped him but eventually he had to start his own life and business on his own. It involved a lot of diligence and very hard work to achieve what he did. He often worked seven days a week to build his business which made him tired but he still had time to get married and settle down.

After many years of hard work his wife Swati and young son Viral persuaded him to take some time off and enjoy his life more and travel around the world with his family for example in Europe and other places and of course visit India his homeland. However, the only way he was able to do this was to sell his business since he had no one to take his place while he was away for a few months. He returned refreshed and full of new plans and ideas.

Upon meeting him for the first time in his new store I met a sympathetic and organized, smart and helpful indiviual. As our interview progressed I felt that he likes us Hungarian and he values our liquor specialties that we are all so proud of. In his new store we can find all these great products neatly organized on the shelves. The wind selection shows a distinctive and very good taste with which Mr. Kothari has selected these wines, and one can find such wines that could have been chosen by and true Hungarian wine expert.

As the French and Italians, we Hungarian know our wines and the unique aromas and special tastes that they all have, because the flavor of the different wines are characterized by where grapes are grown. Hungary is blessed with a great climate hidden and protected by the Carpathian Mountains where sometimes volcanic soil in certain regions such as Tokai or villany are made for wine growing along with the nurturing sun that ripens and sweetens the grapes. Most of these wines from these regions can be found in this store.

Another very exciting thing about Mr. Kothari is that he personally knows Mr. Peter Zwack who runs his famous “Unicum” factory in Budapest in its original location. The “Unicum”is an old Hungarian Liquor what is well known and liked among many Hungarians who are enjoying its many healing effects. Along the various Hungarian wine specialties that the shoppers can find here, “Unicum” can be found here also and as Christmas is approaching the “Unicum” is sold in an appealing new gift wrap what makes it a great present for the coming holidays along with the famous dry Hungarian champagne “Torly.”The prices are negotiable in the case of mass orders for different functions and there is free delivery in New York and New Jersey, and ship by UPS.

To my best knowledge many indians are vegetarians and do not drink alcohol either if they strictly follow their ancient traditions. I was curious so I asked Mr Kothari whether he is a vegetarian and non-alcoholic since he owns a succesful liquor store? Hearing my question, he smiled and said that, he is a Hindu but sometimes he likes to drink, because, he also a good businessman, who had to know what he is selling. So, he tried our wines, but his personal favorite is the so called “pear brandy” and the Unicum. He likes to take a little shot of that, just like my dear grandfather in the morning on an empty stomach to increase one’s appetite, and as a true Hungarian takes great pleasure in it.


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